Interior Design Process

Interior Design Process: Step One

The Room's Purpose

Deciding your Room’s Purpose is the first most important step – Will the room be used to entertain, or is it a family room that will be used everyday to watch tv in, or will it be a relaxation room.

Step Two


There must be continuity and a consistent look and feel through the home to create a flow because spaces always connect.

Step Three

On Budget

Work within a reasonable budget to achieve the desired look and feel.

Step Four

The Floorplan

Create a floor plan – dimensions  and measurements are an integral part of design and décor as they allow you to manage spaces in order to maximise functionality.

Step Five

Your Signature Piece

Starting with a signature piece will give the inspiration for the rest of the room and choosing a colour palette will create harmony.

step six

Your Personal Style

You’ll be involved in the design process to ensure your space is personalised and unique to your taste.

Step Seven

Neutral Colours

Limit trendy pieces, rather stay neutral for the larger pieces in a space add colour with scatters, art and rugs.

Step Eight

Wall Art & Mirrors

Always scale artwork and mirrors to a wall.

Step Nine


Lighting is an integral part of completing your look, it sets the mood. A layered lighting scheme including both task and ambient lighting are dependant on the purpose of the room.

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